The Last Temptation of Christ

Visible crew/equipment: Camera shadow is cast over Jesus and other characters just before he is baptized by John The Baptist.

Revealing mistake: Willem Defoe plays Jesus in this film. He wears a robe that has been double seamed, and in several scenes when he turns around you can see the stitching where a label is sewn in.

Rabbi: That is blasphemy.
Jesus: Didn't they tell you? I am the saint of blasphemy. Don't make any mistakes, I didn't come here to bring peace, I came to bring a sword.
Rabbi: Talking like that will get you killed.
Jesus: Me, killed? Listen to me. This temple will be torn down in three days, torn down to the ground.

Jesus: Today and tomorrow I cast out demons and work cures. On the third day, I will be perfected.

Judas: I struggle, you collaborate.

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