Educating Rita

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Rita is riding a bus, between shots the view outside changes from south quays, dame street, and back to the docklands, even though these places are several minutes bus ride away from one another and in different order.

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Continuity mistake: When Frank picks Rita up from the railway station, it is a cloudy day. As they drive away, it has suddenly become a very clear sunny afternoon. Furthermore, their places in the car have been taken by stunt doubles, with Michael Caine's stand-in sporting noticeably longer, darker and thicker hair.


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Continuity mistake: When Rita is telling Frank about what happened after Sandra's wedding, she jumps from standing at the right side of Frank's table to the left side.


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Question: Where is Educating Rita meant to be set? I know that it is all filmed in Dublin but none of the characters are Irish - they are Liverpudlian or else have indistinguishable "posh" accents.

Gail Field

Chosen answer: It isn't meant to be set anywhere in particular.




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