Summer of '42

Revealing mistake: Just before Hermie goes into the drug store to buy the condoms, you can see his breath when he is talking even though it's supposed to be summer time.

William Bergquist

Factual error: When Dorthy comes to sunbathe on the beach, mountains of approximately 500 feet in elevation are seen but Nantucket Island's highest elevations are in the 100 foot range. (00:14:55)

Oscy: Hermie, I'm beginning to think that maybe you're a homo.

Oscy: You use protection. You use a rubber! Haven't you ever heard of a rubber?
Hermie: Yeah, of course, I have.
Oscy: Alright! So, that's what you use. I already have mine. When my brother went into service, he willed it to me. I've been carrying it around with me ever since. Its my lucky charm.
Hermie: Well, how much do you want for it?
Oscy: Hey, its from my brother! It's a family heirloom. You have to get your own. Go to the drug store.

Oscy: Not even the best of friends go halfsies on a rubber.

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