Some Mothers do 'Ave 'Em

Moving House - S3-E1

Revealing mistake: At the beginning when Frank is directing the vans, we see that one gets its windscreen broken by a ladder from another van. However, the glass breaks just before the ladder touches it.

Christmas '74 - Jessica's First Christmas - S99-E1

Visible crew/equipment: When Frank is loading the lorry at the warehouse, he drives the forklift onto the lorry, then the lorry drives off while he and the forklift truck are still on the back. As the lorry pulls away you can see the camera crew on the other side of the road filming the next shot.

Christmas '75 - Learning to Drive - S99-E2

Revealing mistake: When Frank is the pixie in Santa's grotto, a young boy fires something at Frank from his catapult. Although Frank reacts as being hit, the boy doesn't actually fire anything at all.

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Trivia: Michael Crawford performed all of his own stunts in this series.

Trivia: Michael Crawford was the producers' third choice for the role of Frank Spencer. The part had been previously turned down by both Norman Wisdom and Ronnie Barker.

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