The Haunted Mansion

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Eddie Murphy is going into the crypt, he takes one of the lit torches. While they are trying to escape the skeletons, the door to the crypt closes and locks. When they show the shot of his son outside, you see two torches again. When he gets the doors open and they leave, you see one.

Continuity mistake: When the family comes into the mansion, they're wet from running in the rain. Eddie Murphy's lapels are sort of rumpled and his wife's hair is wet. By the time they get to the dining room, they're dry and Eddie's suit looks like it's been pressed.


Continuity mistake: When Sara meets Master Gracey in the library after dinner, he startles her and she trips over some book. She picks two or three books up and has the book bindings in her right hand. The shot changes and instantly, the books have turned 180 degrees so that the bindings are in her left hand as she hands them off to Gracey.

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Trivia: The voices for the singing busts are provided by the Dapper Dans, a barbershop quartet that performs regularly at Disneyland park in Anaheim, California.

Trivia: In homage: Two of the singing busts were modeled after Thurl Ravenscroft and Paul Frees. Thurl Ravenscroft (Better know as the voice of Tony the Tiger) can be heard singing lead for the song "Grim, Grinning Ghosts" on the Disneyland attraction "The Haunted Mansion" and the late Paul Frees provided the voice of the "Ghost Host" for the same attraction.

Trivia: The family that owns the Mansion is named 'Gracey.' This is a tribute to Yale Gracey, someone who helped design the ride on which the movie is based.

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Jim: Hey, honey, you know they have dead people in the backyard.
Sara Evers: Well, some people have swimming pools, others have private cemeteries. It can happen.

Jim: Where's that scary albino when you need him?

Master Gracey: But I loved her. Was love my mistake?
Ramsley: Yes.

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Question: Near the end of the movie, Edward Gracey says to Ramsley that the letter is written in Elizabeth's hand. If Mr. Gracey knew what Elizabeth's writing looks like, wouldn't he have realized that the fake letter Ramsley wrote was in fact fake and not from Elizabeth?


Chosen answer: Considering Ramsley's intelligence, he would have been able to make "couterfeit" handwriting.

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