Sub Down

Factual error: The heroine is trying to get to come on the trip in the minisub. She is asked "Name three under-ice amphopods" The word should be "amphipods", and her answer "Gamamarus" should be "Gammarus". (00:25:30)


Continuity mistake: They are sitting with their gas masks on waiting for the gas to vent. Look at the reading on the "gas analyser" the needle is way in the red zone. Then a few seconds later it reels back to under the red and the green light comes on. Kind of a sudden fall. (00:43:00)


Continuity mistake: As we see the sub going down, the tech says "descending at 5 ft per second", and another one says "no forward motion". Cut to the sub going forward and down at considerably more than 5 ft per sec and apparently making a rumbling noise while doing it . (00:32:00)

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