Homer & Eddie

Continuity mistake: When Eddie tells Homer about the Wady robbery while they're driving along, there's a change from broad daylight to late dusk in mid-sentence.



Continuity mistake: At the German HofbrÀuhaus party Homer talks to Eddie about getting back to work. In the background we see his old friend Betsy, who, after a short close-up on Homer, appears from the left to ask him for a dance, while there are totally different people in the background.



Continuity mistake: The establishing shot of the quay scene shows a close-up of a flock of seagulls. However, as the scene goes on we don't see any birds at all even when the camera shows the whole quay, but we hear them shriek. Only during the credits there is a skipped shot of the quay where it's crowded with seagulls.



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Question: In the scene in Joe's bar there's a jazz singer named Mae Mercer. I could swear that the voice is the absolutely unique one of Nina Simone's, even the way she plays the piano, but there is no hint either in the cast or the list of song. I'd like to hear other people's opinion on that.



Chosen answer: Just my opinion: Mae Mercer is a great jazz singer - and there is a soundtrack of this movie, just in case someone wants to check it out - and I am sure she was the one singing.

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