Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, Jack parks the car in front of a palm tree and walks onto the beach. The shot changes while he stands there for a few minutes. As the shot changes back to show him walking off the beach, the car is no longer in front of the tree, nor does he drive by during the credits. I hope he enjoys his walk back to Miami.

Revealing mistake: Another movie with plenty of getting in and out of cars, without any car ever being locked or unlocked - in a crime-ridden place as pre-revolution Havana.


Continuity mistake: In the first poker game Jack puts down his cigarette on an ashtray when the game is interrupted. The angle of the cigarette changes from one shot to the next (as if being put with the right or the left hand in different shots). (00:03:00)

More mistakes in Havana

Bobby Duran: How many times have you lost everything Jack?

Jack Weil: Fidel Castro was on the Jack Parr Show. So anything can happen.

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