House Party

Audio problem: In the scene where Kid N Play are freestyle battling, you hear mixing in the background. But Bilal is not mixing, but in fact watching Kid N Play.

Visible crew/equipment: When you see the two thieves running towards the bus while being chased by the dog after being chased by the cops, look over to the left side of the road. There's a shadow of a person holding a camera, following them through the whole scene.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene when kid's father talking to him in his room about using his deceased mother as an excuse when he get into trouble at school, on the front of his T-shirt you can see a microphone, and when he turns around and walk out of his room, there is some sort of box (probably the transmitter) inside the back of his pants.

Stab: Yo, I'l put my foot so far up yo ass you be shittin' sneaker for a month.

Kid: I wish I could come out and play with you tonight, but I'm a little busy... with your girl on my lap.

Pop: Ah, I shoulda known you was at this Party, and ya know, with all that Jheri Curl juice you got in your hair, you better not Ever do a crime! The police won't have any problem finding you!"Follow the drip, follow the drip!"

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