Freaky Friday

Continuity mistake: In the shot where Boris, Annabelle (as Ellen) and Ben are in the car , and turn left in front of a lorry you see a police car next to the pavement (not the ones that have fallen of the lorry) and it is parked underneath a sign. After you see Boris etc. again in the car, they are parked further back than before.

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Continuity mistake: When Ellen is on the hanglider near the end of the film, her hands keep changing from the top of the handle bars to the bottom in almost every shot.

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Gavin Jackson

Continuity mistake: On the bus, after collecting her coins, Annabel walks back to take a seat with her friend. As she's pulling on her sock, she notices her foot is dirty. Then there's a cut to a closeup of her sole, showing a slight smudge, as she (her mother) comments on how dirty the sock is anyway. Her foot is much, much dirtier in the first shot and in the one following the cut.

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