Night of the Living Dead

Revealing mistake: In the opening scene where the zombie kills Johnny. When they fall against the tombstone you can tell it is a dummy.

Visible crew/equipment: When Ben first arrives at the house, a zombie tries to get in through a door in the kitchen. Ben fights it off and tries to push it out the door. Initially, when he first closes the door on the zombie, the relfection of the cameraman is seen as clear as day in the window of the door.

Continuity mistake: When Cooper goes upstairs to get the TV set, in the room, the power cord hangs a little bit. Next shot, in the hallway, the same cord is on the TV set, not hanging at all. And in the next shot, when going down the stair, he holds the cord in his hand. (00:57:00)

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Trivia: In the original movie, the daughter zombie kills her mother with a trowel. In this movie, when the daughter kills her mother by biting her, the blood then splatters over a trowel hanging on the wall.

Trivia: Tom Savini was ordered by the MPAA to tone down the gore in the film, which really wasn't that much in the first place. Watch 'The Dead Walk' documentary on the DVD to see several deleted scenes that were ommitted due to gore.


Trivia: The bald, half-naked zombie that Barbara shoots several times after it comes up to the broken window barrier is a cab driver that director Tom Savini had met while being taken to the set one morning. During a conversation with the driver, Savini mentioned that he was doing a re-make of Night of the Living Dead, and when the cab driver expressed great interest, Savini asked him to come to the set to be used as an extra.

Sheriff McClelland: Yeah, they're dead. They're all messed up.

Tom: They're dead, but they're comin' right for us.

Barbara: They're us. We're them and they're us.

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