Darkness Falls

Audio problem: When Caitlin and Michael are under the bed, Caitlin says "Okay, maybe we should stay under the bed," but her mouth doesn't move.


Continuity mistake: When Kyle is fighting the Tooth Fairy, he sets his sleeve on fire to burn her and get her away. A couple of shots later he is shown putting the flame out with his hand. His shirt is completely unburned.

Continuity mistake: When Kyle is driving the car with the windshield smashed out, his hair is not moving at all.

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Trivia: The Tooth Fairy in Darkness Falls looks completely different from what was originally made. The studio had to go back and re-film and make The Tooth Fairy look less scary. Heres a website that shows what she originally looked like. http://www.spawn.com/toys/product.aspx?division=toys&category=movies&series=mm5&product=toothfairy

AzN InVasian

Trivia: Did you know that Darkness Falls was originally titled The Tooth Fairy? Plus when the first trailers were released and shown, it was originally The Tooth Fairy but the studio decided to re-title it Darkness Falls so children wouldn't become afraid of the Tooth Fairy fable.

AzN InVasian

Michael: She won't come in the light.
Kyle: Who?
Michael: You know who.

Officer Batten: Is she gonna get me?
Kyle: Yes.

Kyle: I see you, bitch.

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