Darkness Falls

The police officer that believes the witch is real rescues Kaitlyn, Kyle and Michael and drives them to the lighthouse to turn Darkness Falls's lights back on. The cop dies, so does the doctor and nurses that they find hiding in the hospital, and Kyle, Kaitlyn and Michael get the lights turned on just before the witch tries to get them. She apparently 'dies' but then comes back and attacks Kyle. He sets fire to her and she burns up and explodes.

Shadyz Lady

Continuity mistake: When Kyle is fighting the Tooth Fairy, he sets his sleeve on fire to burn her and get her away. A couple of shots later he is shown putting the flame out with his hand. His shirt is completely unburned.

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Trivia: Did you know that Darkness Falls was originally titled The Tooth Fairy? Plus when the first trailers were released and shown, it was originally The Tooth Fairy but the studio decided to re-title it Darkness Falls so children wouldn't become afraid of the Tooth Fairy fable.

AzN InVasian

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