Factual error: When the upset boyfriend ends up driving off the cliff, his car explodes into flames magically and the fire doesn't even start at the engine. The entire interior of the car is consumed and when the car crashes, its explosion is on par with a missile. The character, when seen next, doesn't have a burn on him at all ignoring the fact that there was no humanely possible way to survive that fall and explosion.

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Other mistake: In the scenes at the beach where Pumpkin is seated in his wheelchair, how did he get there? Someone would have had to push him there through the sand, but there are no wheel tracks or footprints.

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Wayne C.

Factual error: When Kent is playing tennis against Arizona, his score is first when he is receiving. 15-Love is announced for example, but the server's score is always announced first so it should have been said as Love-15.

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