Friday After Next

Continuity mistake: When the fake santa is robbing Craig's apartment he takes the items from off the top of the stereo. In the next shot the items have reappeared back on top of it.

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Continuity mistake: In the last shot of Day-Day in bed with two girls, his hat falls off, then is back on, between shots.

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Continuity mistake: The position of the vice grips' adjustments when Money Mike uses it on Damon.

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Craig Jones: Ho-ho, Motherfucker.

Day-Day: It ain't ya booty, it's ya beauty.

Cookie: Oh, I heard about him. They call him the Santa Claus Crook or the Santa Claus Crip or something like that. He robbed a lady out in the parking lot last night, called her a "ho ho ho" and kept on running.
Day-Day: Who the fuck are you?

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