The Cherokee Kid (1927)

Visible crew/equipment: When they get into a horse drawn carriage, there are glass windows. When the carriage turns the corner you see a reflection of a white Dodge pickup truck. You get a better view of it if you run it on slow motion.

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Factual error: When Bloomington offers the reward for Cherokee Kid's carcass, the undertaker asks a man if he's right handed or southpaw. The term southpaw originates from baseball stadiums from the 1920's. Home plate usually faced east to keep afternoon sun out of the batter's eyes, this makes the pitcher's left hand be to the south.

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Factual error: When Sinbad demonstrates his new prowess with a 6-gun to Nat Love, he fires once with his right hand, once with his left hand, and then fans five more rounds. A 7-shooter?

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