Beverly Hills Ninja

Continuity mistake: When Chris Farley is pretending to be a Chinese cook at that one restaurant, cooking, the brown spot on the stove keeps on changing size.

Continuity mistake: When Chris Farley has Chris Rock drive him around blindfolded they get themselves onto a horse racetrack. While they are driving around the track you can see the tire tracks left by the camera car in front of them.

Continuity mistake: When the girl is tied up in the room, Haru shoots the big spear-like arrow through the room. When the machine that it's attached to comes through wall, it knocks the bomb off of the table it was sitting on. But, by the time the machine makes it through the other wall into the warehouse the bomb is neatly on the machine and removed from the room that the girl was in.

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Trivia: When Haru is about to get arrested (right before the ninja dude throws that little ball and takes his place), the stocky and balding cop all they way to the left (or right?) is Kevin Farley, Chris's brother.

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