Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise

Continuity mistake: In the part where the nerds are in jail, there is a close-up scene of a mean character that throws down his playing cards before he approaches them, but then when the next (wider) angle is shown, you can see the same man throw down his cards again. (00:57:55)

Factual error: There is a scene where the 'ex-bellboy' goes looking for the nerds in the hotel suite. He is wearing a 'White Castle' apron, indicating that he now works at a White Castle Burger Restaurant. There are no White Castle Restaurants in Florida. (00:59:05)

Continuity mistake: In this movie Wormser is fifteen years old. This movie takes place one year after the events of Revenge of the Nerds, when Wormser was only twelve. He should only be thirteen in the sequel.

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Suggested correction: How do you know it takes place one year after the events of Revenge Of The Nerds? A time frame was never mentioned. This movie was released three years after the original so if it was in real time, Wormser would have aged three years so it makes perfect sense.

In the movie, Gilbert mentions that they were able to beat the Alphas "last year."

Lamar: We're V.I.P's.
Booger: Very immense penises.

Booger: This place is a pig sty.
Snotty: Thank you.
Booger: You should be ashamed of yourself.
Snotty: Fuck you. Who died and made you God?

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