Lena and Snowball

Revealing mistake: When "Snowball" is sleeping on Lena's bed, it is obviously a "stuffed double" (stand-in). Snowball is usually partially hidden behind the dog (so breathing doesn't need to be shown/mimicked). The failure of Snowball to make even a slight movement is a giveaway (e.g, no ear movement when Lena starts talking), but even the stuffed lion, in itself, is not a very good replica - it simply looks fake. (00:33:44 - 00:48:20)


Trivia: The movie hardly looks as though it was set in Fitzgerald, Georgia. Fitzgerald's population is over 50% Black, about 40% of the residents live in poverty, its crime rate is high, and the median income is relatively low. Newcomers such as the Bickers may not have a "Southern drawl", but - surprisingly - neither did any of the natives in the movie. The Fitzgerald area isn't very large - less than ten square miles. Perhaps an attempt to avoid stereotypes at the expense of misrepresentation of the population?


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