Factual error: The radio clip included in the breakfast scene, belonging to XEQK station (La hora exacta) is actually from the early 80s when the advertising campaign "es hora de invertir en Valores Banobras" (which slogan can be heard) was running then.

Continuity mistake: The dog poop on the ground moves when the father first pulls his car into the garage.

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Continuity mistake: Cleo's pregnancy. When she goes to the doctor, they tell her she's 3-4 months pregnant and her baby is due in June. So she goes to the doctor in December (also they have a Christmas tree in the house when she tells the senora). When they go to the hacienda for the holidays which is still December, her belly is huge like she's 7 months pregnant already. Further more when they go back to the city and all go to the movie theater, her pregnant belly is gone.

Trivia: Professor Zobek is played by Victor Resendiz, aka Latin lover, who is a professional wrestler in Mexico.


Cleo: I like being dead.

Sra. Sofía: We are alone. No matter what they tell you, we women are always alone.

Fermín: And I started drinking, and then huffing. I was dying. But then I discovered martial arts. And everything came into focus. Just like when you look at me.

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