Safety Last!

Continuity mistake: With a piece of white chalk, Harold Lloyd writes "kick me" in reverse on one of the columns of a department store. Harold later leans against the column and the words appear on the back of his coat. A young boy kicks Harold and as Harold turns to walk away, the words have disappeared.

Steven Lee

Continuity mistake: As Harold scales a six-story building, the background is of a busy Los Angeles street with a department store and other businesses. When Harold reaches the fifth floor, the background is a completely different street.

Steven Lee

Trivia: Harold Lloyd was missing two fingers from when a prop went off that he was holding from a previous film a few years earlier on his right hand. He wore a prosthetic glove. If you look close enough, the differences in his hands, especially hanging from the infamous clock scene.


Old Lady With Flower Hat: Young man, don't you know you might fall and get hurt?

Bill, The Pal: Make this next floor faster. I'm having a little difficulty in ditching the cop.

Dept Store General Manager: The idea of working in your shirt sleeves! Think of the shock to your customers _ women of culture and refinement.

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