Continuity mistake: When Gotti and Neil are talking with Sammy Bull and Frankie in the night club, Neil's cigar changes position between shots. He is first putting a cigar in his mouth, then in the next shot, the cigar is gone and he begins to raise it to put it back in his mouth. In the next shot, it is instantly back in. (00:21:20)

Casual Person

Revealing mistake: Gotti breaks into an apartment to kill a man he has unfinished business with. Gotti shoots him three times and there is a blood spurt shown every time he is shot. However, Gotti is shown standing in one fixed position, and the blood is shown spurting at three different angles. The first shot hits his abdomen and blood spurts on the wall in front of him. The second shot hits the left side of his head and blood spurts to the wall beside him. The third shot hits the back of his head and blood spurts on the wall in front of him. This could not be possible if Gotti was shooting him from one fixed position. (00:11:00)

Casual Person

Revealing mistake: When Gotti shoots the man taking a shower, he is running his fingers through his hair, but it is apparent that his hair and body are practically dry. It is also clear that the man is not actually standing under the running water, but in front of it. (00:11:00)

Casual Person
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