Often an Orphan

Often an Orphan (1949)

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Directed by: Chuck Jones

Starring: Mel Blanc

Genres: Animated, Comedy, Family

Continuity mistake: After Porky ties up the mailbag with Charlie Dog in it, he is holding the bag vertically, and puts the label "to Scotland" on it. When Porky goes in the house, Charlie is standing by the bag which is lying horizontally, and the label is affixed differently.

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Continuity mistake: When Charlie Dog drops his bone on the ground after his master leaves him, the bone is lying horizontally. But a couple of shots later, the bone is now lying vertically.

Continuity mistake: When Porky puts the "To Scotland" label on the mailbag, there is nothing on the top right hand corner. When Porky puts the mailbag on the hook on the Mail Post near the railway line, two stamps have suddenly appeared.

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