Factual error: Round gallon ice cream containers did not exist in the 60s.

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Suggested correction: The container in the film is a quart and the brand Dreyer's had that style of container as early as 1928.

Lyndon B. Johnson: You know, this could be your lucky day. You might be able to vote your conscience on the Farm Bill.
Senator Ralph Yarborough: I like to think that is the only way that I ever vote.
Lyndon B. Johnson: Spoken like a true one-term senator.

John F. Kennedy: I'm perfectly fine.
Lyndon B. Johnson: Guessing you Kennedys don't do a lot of deer hunting.
John F. Kennedy: Well, when Kennedys fire weapons, it's usually at Nazis.
Lyndon B. Johnson: Lot of Nazis in Hyannis Port?

Lyndon B. Johnson: Well, you know, Carl, there are two kinds of horses: show horses and work horses.

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