Odd Thomas

Other mistake: When Odd Thomas and Stormy are riding on his moped through town to stop the massacre they pass a car dealership. All of the letters on the dealership signs are reversed except for a large lighted awning sign that says "Welcome to quality." The normal and reversed signs appear at the same time in the same frame. (00:48:00)

Odd Thomas: A part of me knew, from the moment I saw her behind the ice cream counter, but the truth hurt too much to accept. Her death would have been one wound too many that day, and I think I would have let go of this life.

Chief Wyatt Porter: I can't hold him.
Odd Thomas: All right, well, you do agree that he's strange and suspicious, right?
Chief Wyatt Porter: If strange and suspicious were enough to put someone in jail, you'd already be there.

Harlo Landerson: Whoa! Hey, hey. Come on, man. No touchy, no feely. Sorry, but I love this car.
Odd Thomas: I know. It's too bad a car can't love you back.

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