Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Continuity mistake: When the Beardo's kids are pushing the cleaning cart at the motel, it hits his green VW van leaving a scratch / dent. In the wider shot, the cart has disappeared, even though it had practically stopped next to the van.


Continuity mistake: When Greg grabs the diaper in the ball playground, the position and number of all of the kids changes in every single shot.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Greg grabs the diaper, a kid with an orange T-shirt behind jumps inside the ball playground; but in the viral video he stays outside.

Sacha Premium member

Susan Heffley: Greg Heflley! You're grounded for life.

Manny Heffley: I'm texting.
Susan Heffley: Oh, no. No devices on this trip.
Greg: What do you mean?
Susan Heffley: This is an unplugged road trip. No phones. No iPads. No internet. Everyone, hand over the devices.
Greg: You tricked us!
Rodrick Heffley: This is totally not cool!
Greg: You want me to read. I'm reading texts! What's the difference?

Greg: Without devices, there's absolutely nothing to do.
Susan Heffley: Look at the scenery. Read a book.
Greg: Read a book? It's summer vacation.

Trailer not working?

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