Birdemic 2: The Resurrection

Other mistake: Throughout the film, you can frequently see many people's faces blurred, phone numbers blurred, store-fronts blurred, etc. This is because the production could not afford the rights to show these people, places and things, and simply blurred them out.

Continuity mistake: It is mentioned in dialog that during the last bird attack (the first film), a red rain was visible that seemed to drive the birds mad. However, at no time during the original film is there any red rain visible.

Trivia: The opening scene was supposed to be a reference to "Saturday Night Fever", but the production could not afford the proper soundtrack, and thus, Bill "strutting" down the street for a prolonged period now lacks any frame of reference.

Trivia: Director James Nguyen was greatly inspired by the film "Sunset Boulevard", and thus includes several on-the-nose references to the film throughout. This includes a close-up shot of the sign for the actual "Sunset Boulevard" and including a key scene where a dead character falls face into a pool and is seen floating about, dead.

Trivia: In the opening scene, as Bill is being seated by Gloria, if you look closely you can see a copy of the script for the film in the background on a table. They were going over lines and someone set it down forgot to remove it from the shot before filming the take, but because it's slightly out of focus in the background and none of the words on it are visible, they didn't both going back to reshoot the scene. Just something funny to look for.

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Tony: Hey Dr. Jones, do you have any birds I can play with?
Dr. Jones: Well, the birds that I have are... way too large and dangerous for you to play with.
Tony: So how about a smaller one?
Dr. Jones: Well I tell you what, I'll send you some lovebirds.
Tony: Sweet, I can't wait to play with them.

Tony: I wish Susan could've been here to see this bird skeleton, but she got a disease from that fish that Rod cooked.

Rod: I don't know much about the movie business, but I know how to read and I like your story.

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