Power Rangers

Continuity mistake: When the red haired bully is disturbing Billy in the detention classroom his right sleeve changes from up to down between shots.


Continuity mistake: When Kimberly's friends are breaking up with her the arms of the girl with the pink and gray blouse change position between shots. Also in one shot she is touching her face in the next she has a cell phone in her hands.


Continuity mistake: When Jason slaps the bully in detention the distance between them changes from shot to shot.

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Trivia: Towards the end when the people are taking pics of the megazord, Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson from the 90's version of the Power Rangers are there.


Trivia: When we first meet Trini she is doing a martial arts pose similar to how we first see the original Trini in the first episode and the original title sequence.


Trivia: The 1995 Mighty Morphin movie theme briefly plays when the rangers are all piloting their zords for the first time.

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Zordon: Any other questions?
Billy Cranston: Are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man?

Zordon: The answer to what is happening to you is here. You five are the Power Rangers.
Zack Taylor: Did I just hear you say we're Power Rangers?
Kimberly Hart: Is this some kind of joke? We're talking to a wall.
Alpha 5: I was kind of expecting a little more.

Zordon: She is pure evil.
Trini: How are we supposed to stop her?
Jason Lee Scott: It's morphin' time.

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