Continuity mistake: The subject of the email from Barry S. first reads "we need you", but after opening it reads "RE: No subject"


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Character mistake: The Master of Psychology Degree from Tulane University has a spelling mistake. School of Political Sciences is spelt 'Scineces'.


Continuity mistake: When Hedwig is dancing in his room he stops the music and opens the lid of the recorder, but in the next shot the lid is closed.

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Trivia: In "Unbreakable", David Dunn survives a train crash and at one point he uses his power and senses an abusive mother who mistreats her child. And in "Split" it is revealed that Kevin's father left him on a train and he was forced to stay with his abusive mother after. Many have speculated that the same train-crash David Dunn survived killed Kevin's father and that the abusive mother David senses is Kevin's own mother. It is possible, as director M. Night Shyamalan has mentioned that Kevin is supposed to be in his mid-20's in "Split", and has been working at the Zoo for ten years... so it is conceivable he got his job in his mid-to-late teens and has been working there ever since.

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Trivia: The music that begins in the final scene with Kevin and proceeds into the last sequence in the diner with Bruce Willis is actually the main theme to the film "Unbreakable", and is meant to be a subtle audible cue to help cement the fact that the films are connected.

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Trivia: SPOILER WARNING. The character of Kevin was originally intended to be in the film "Unbreakable" (to which this film is revealed to be a sort-of sequel in the final twist scene), but he was removed for thematic reasons, as it was felt that his presence took away focus from that film's true villain "Mr. Glass." Writer/Director M. Night Shyamalan has stated his intentions to make a third film in the "trilogy" that will feature Bruce Willis' character David Dunn from "Unbreakable" being forced to confront Kevin, who will be his ultimate "supervillain."

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