Other mistake: When the oldest boy is hit in the face with a basketball, he blurts out something that sounds like "Oh, f***!"

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Continuity mistake: In the marching band scene, the band casts long shadows - then NO shadows - then long shadows again (repeatedly).

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Continuity mistake: Barney and some kids are amazed when a giant egg moves by itself. Not 5 minutes later, they are all stunned with disbelief because "it moved!" (apparently the filmmakers forgot to cut the earlier reaction.)

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Question: I'm looking for a movie from the late 80's or early 90's. It's a hilarious comedy, a family movie, about two guys who are on some kind of island and there is a dead dude named Barney with an arrow through his head and sunglasses on it. They discover that when they play music, he walks like a zombie. When the dead guy is walking with the music, he actually is walking to the sea to find a chest with money in it. In the movie there is also a voodoo magic; I remember them sacrificing a goat.


Chosen answer: You're thinking of "Weekend at Bernie's 2".