Autumn Leaves

Continuity mistake: When Milly reaches to press the elevator call button with her left hand her purse is dangling from her left forearm. The camera cuts to another angle and Milly is now tugging on the purse strap with her right hand.


Continuity mistake: When Milly and Burt walk into the kitchen there is a white bowl on top of the refrigerator. Later, when a distraught Burt leans against the refrigerator, the bowl has disappeared.

00:58:35 - 01:06:20

Continuity mistake: Milly walks over and stands beside the chair at her desk. The back of the chair is square to the desk. In one shot the chair has been moved so the back of the chair is at a 45 degree angle to the desk, then it returns to its original position.

00:59:35 - 01:02:20

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