Autumn Leaves

Continuity mistake: During Virginia's visit, when Milly walks over to a chair we see on the coffee table a couple of magazines with an ashtray on top. The top magazine is white on the end closest to Milly and the spine is facing the camera. As soon as Milly sits down the camera cuts and the top magazine now is dark on the end closest to Milly and the spine is facing away from the camera. (It appears the top magazine was rotated 180° between shots.) After Virginia has handed the envelope to Milly, the camera cuts away and the top magazine has returned to its original position (white end closest to Milly and spine facing camera). (00:50:00)


Continuity mistake: When Milly goes to the door there is no light shining in through the door. After she invites Virginia in and closes the door light is shining in through the door onto the wall beside the door. (00:47:55)


Continuity mistake: Milly is sitting up in bed with a pillow behind her. As the camera angle changes from facing her to behind her the position of the pillow keeps changing. In a shot of her the corner of the pillow is below the top of the headboard. The camera cuts to behind her and the corner of the pillow is above the top of the headboard. Burt walks in and sits on the bed causing the pillow to drop below the top of the headboard, but when the camera cuts to behind Milly the corner of the pillow is again above the top of the headboard. (00:45:20)

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Liz Eckhart: Nobody can help you now.
Milly: Why can't they? When do I get my turn? Everybody needs help don't they? I need help too. Maybe I don't want to find out how he feels.
Liz Eckhart: Being in love is never easy, and the more in love you are, the less easy and more lonesome it gets.

Burt: Aw, Milly. You wouldn't want me to spend the rest of my life with a bubble-gum addict. Would you, Milly?
Milly: Sorry, I goofed.
Burt: You "goofed?" Hey, man, that's "Bop" talk! Where did you ever pick that up?
Milly: Well, why shouldn't I pick up an expression here and there? I'm not that old.

Milly: The only trouble is that the future comes so much sooner than it used to.

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