Continuity mistake: When the gang are at the diner after Sydney has been suspended, Vee says about her being suspended and Sydney puts her drink down with her right hand. Camera cuts and now she puts her drink down with her left hand.


A Demon Premium member

Visible crew/equipment: Just as Ian jumps off the table, a boom arm is reflected in the glass booth divider.


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Continuity mistake: When Vee puts the dress on, she comes through the curtains and they close behind her. Camera changes and now the curtains are open.


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More mistakes in Nerve

Question: My understanding is that Vee orchestrated the plan for Ty to bring a blank filled gun, but how was the dare revealed to her before being told to shoot her opponent, let alone before given the gun?

Question: How exactly could players of the game have their identities erased? They were watched by billions of people all over the world including their families and friends so if they were to return home, the people who they grew up with should still recognize them.

Chosen answer: It would be impossible to do this in real life. This is a fictional movie.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Sydney had to walk across the ladder she had to take out her phone to video tape it from her point of view. Why wouldn't she just give the phone to someone in the window to video tape it for her?

Answer: Having to video tape it herself while traversing the ladder makes the task more difficult to perform, thus heightening the risk and suspense.

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Trailer not working?

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