Continuity mistake: A few minutes after Lee puts a bandage on Hugh's forehead, it disappears completely in one shot (as does the cut it was covering), before reappearing a moment later, but in a different position.


Mike: This whole night we've been worrying... there's some dark version of us out there somewhere. What if we're the dark version?

Mike: If we're collapsing right now, I'm gonna collapse on them. I'm not gonna wait for them to collapse on us.
Hugh: Whoa, whoa, Mike.
Mike: I'll go over there and I'll just kill 'em.

Hugh: Yeah, we're in a different reality because the reality where I am from, my best friend didn't sleep with my wife.
Mike: Hugh, do you not understand what I'm saying? This all started tonight, and if there are a million different realities, I have slept with your wife in every one of them.

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