The Anderson Tapes
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Other mistake: When the Mayflower truck is on the move picking everyone up for the heist, a mysterious hole appears above the truck's cab, cut out in the letter "o" in "Mayflower" when Pop is picked up, that wasn't there a moment before, and then it vanishes. The same thing occurs after the heist, when the truck crashes into the police cars.

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Revealing mistake: After Duke hears noise coming from the stairwell he locks the doors at the end of the hallway. After Duke shoots Parelli it cuts to the police firing at those locked doors, and when the doorknob blows off we can see that it's only a glued on doorknob, with no hole in the wood door, so it's impossible to have actually locked it.

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Other mistake: During the heist the Mayflower truck is parked at the building's 91st Street entrance, and the police have blockaded 5th Ave at the corners of E. 90th and 92nd Streets. When the guys try to flee the truck is driven down 91st so as to turn onto 5th Ave, and after the driver's close-up there's an overhead wideshot of 5th Ave and the truck should be coming from 91st, but it's actually coming from further up - towards 92nd Street, with the corner of 91st in front of it, which is impossible since it should have made the turn at 91st.

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The Kid: America, man! You know, it's so beautiful I wanta eat it.

Anderson: What's advertising but a legalized con game? And what the hell's marriage? Extortion, prostitution, soliciting with a government stamp on it. And what the hell's your stock market? A fixed horse race. Some business guy steals a bank, he's a big success story. Face in all the magazines. Some other guy steals the magazine and he's busted.

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