Other mistake: When Otto Preminger calls Trumbo from his car to announce that Trumbo's real name would be credited for Exodus, Preminger tells him to look at the front page of the New York Times. The problem is that Trumbo has already picked up the paper from his counter and is reading before Preminger even tells him which newspaper features the article.

Lucille Ball: This is Lucille Ball. All of us agree that the Constitution of the United States must be defended. But the way to do this is not by shutting up the man you disagree with. You must fight for his right to speak and be heard. All civil liberties go hand in hand. And when one goes, the others are weakened. Just as a collapse of one pillar in a house would endanger the whole structure.

Frank King: I make crap films. You are way too good and too expensive to write for me.

Frank King: I'm in this for the money and the pussy and they're both falling off the trees.

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