The Final Girls

Factual error: Tina's striptease dance is mentioned several times as a notable scene in the fictional 1986 movie 'Camp Bloodbath'. When that scene plays out, the song Tina dances to is Warrant's 'Cherry Pie', which wasn't released until 1990.


Duncan: The Bathematicians were so excited when I told them that Amanda Cartwright's daughter was my sister's best friend.
Gertie Michaels: Stepsister.
Duncan: Why would you say that? That's so hurtful.

Gertie Michaels: Maybe we're dead and this is Heaven.
Vicki Summers: This can't be Heaven. Max is here and she's Jewish.
Gertie Michaels: Oh, right. Well, maybe it's Jewish Heaven.

Max Cartwright: Vicki, you don't have to die.
Vicki Summers: I'm the mean girl in the 80s horror movie and we're past the midpoint, so, you know, I'd say that I'd overstayed my welcome.

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