Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!

Continuity mistake: Didi is wearing a long black negligee when Pepe throws her into a bubble-filled bathtub on a movie set. When she gets out of the tub and runs off, the negligee has disappeared and she is covered only with bubbles.

Other mistake: Not wanting his wife to see Didi, Tom locks Didi inside a tool shed. She pulls a cord to turn on an overhead light but the light that suddenly illuminates the interior of the shed comes from somewhere in front of her. Her shadow, which is the same height as she is, is cast on the wall behind her.

Lily: The whole thing sounds underhanded, disgraceful and messy, and you can count on me.

Lily: How do you want your eggs? Poached, fried or raw?
Tom Meade: Scrambled - like your head.

Tom Meade: What kind of mood was Martha in when she got home?
Lily: She was so mad, I couldn't tell.
Tom Meade: Well, at least she still loves me enough to hate me.

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