Crimson Peak

Factual error: The 'Post Office' is nothing like an English one would have been, even in a remote rural location in Victorian times. It seems to have been transposed from the American Wild West.

Continuity mistake: In the last scene outside there is a lot more machinery assembled than the one engine Sir Thomas was working on.

Factual error: The persistent cascade of leaves underlines the poor condition of the house, but where are they coming from? The woodland in the distance already looks bare, and how are so many leaves managing to stop above and drop directly through a relatively small hole in the roof?

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Question: What's the deal with the puppy, and did it die in the end?

Chosen answer: The dog belonged to one of Sir Thomas' former wives. He had abandoned it on the moors, thinking it would die, but it came back to the house. It's unknown what happened it to it after Edith was rescued.

raywest Premium member

Answer: It was killed by Lucille in one of the final scenes.

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