Black Mass

Factual error: In the early part of the movie, there is a shot of the outside of Triple O's bar. The scene takes place in 1975 and "Coors" is advertised on the outside of the bar. Coors beer was not available in Boston/East Coast in 1975. It was only available from the 1980's.

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Continuity mistake: After Jimmy and Billy's mother dies, they're sitting in the kitchen having a drink. Billy's beer is about 3/4 full, then in a closer shot it's more full, with only a few sips taken.

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Jon Sandys Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Tommy opens the car door to confront Officer Flynn, the officer stands straight up. As Tommy is pulled back into the car and closes the door, Officer Flynn goes back to leaning over and rests his hands above his knees on his inner thighs. When the shot changes his hands are on his outer thighs.

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