Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Continuity mistake: There are missing boys along the movie: At the end of The Maze Runner, there are 8 boys that get out of the maze besides Teresa. At the beginning of Scorch Trials, only 7 get in the compound. When Thomas shows the stolen card to the others, there are 6 of them and they all escape with Teresa and Aris. When they get out the mall and enter the city, there are 5 of them besides Aris and Teresa.

Continuity mistake: The woman who delivers the blood sample at the beginning of the third scene, changes outfit/character when placed onto the table. (00:08:00)

Continuity mistake: When the boys are rescuing Teresa, they go out through a window. The towel they put to avoid the glass comes and goes between shots.

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Newt: We weren't the only maze.

Janson: Thomas, think about what your doing.
Thomas: Yeah let me guess wckd is good?

Winston: Don't let me turn into one of those things.

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