The Transporter Refueled

Factual error: At the beginning, the film is set in 1995 only for a brief few minutes. Then, it goes on to say "15 years later." This brings us to 2010. In 2010, the latest iPhone was the 4. However, throughout this film, nearly every iPhone shown (quite a few) appears to be an iPhone 5s. This is obvious by the rectangular body with fingerprint sensor. In addition, in some places the latest iPads are used, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 - These were released in 2013 and beyond. Finally, although I am not 100% sure, towards the end of the film as the woman steps in to the car for the final time on the hill next to the boat, it appears she is wearing a gold Apple Watch or other smart-watch which was released later than 2010.

Continuity mistake: The airplane shown in the movie, during the airport scene is an Airbus A319, registration OE-LUX. However when the copilot hits the throttles with his head and the plane starts to accelerate the plane becomes a Boeing 737 with the same livery and registration but with Blue Air written on the engines and another registration, (YR) -BAE on the front landing gear bay. (00:52:50)

Bogdan Spanoche-Stoenescu

Factual error: The movie is set in 2010 but the Audi S8 cars used by Frank Martin are 2012/2013 editions.

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Trivia: As this film was originally meant to be a prequel, it contains several references to the original trilogy that were meant to foreshadow future events. (An idea that was somewhat muddled when it was reworked into a reboot.) This includes the plot about human traffickers (which was a reference to the first film) and the opening scene in which someone tries to steal his car, which is a reference to "Transporter 2."


Trivia: The only "Transporter" media franchise installment to not feature the character of Inspector Tarconi. Tarconi appeared in all three prior films and even served as a guest-star in several episodes of the short-lived TV-series spin-off, always played by the same actor.


Trivia: Originally, Jason Statham was interested in reprising his role as Frank Martin, when the film was intended to serve as the start of a prequel trilogy explaining how he became a "transporter." He opted out when the production requested he sign on for a three-film contract in which he would earn less money combined for all three films than he was then making for a single film on any other production. He was also expected to sign on to all three films without even seeing a script for the first installment. He opted out, concerned about the production quality given these strange circumstances, and the film was ultimately retooled from being a prequel to being a quasi-reboot in order to explain the change in Frank Martin's appearance.


Anna: I think you'll find that the more you venture, the more you will gain.
Frank Martin: Quoting Alexandre Dumas? Like, what? You're Count D'Artagnan and they're the Three Musketeers?
Frank Senior: You've read it.
Frank Martin: In fact, my favorite line is, I'm sure you're very nice, but you'd be nicer if you left me alone.

Frank Martin: It's like the Count said to his Musketeers, I don't cling to life sufficiently to fear death.

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