Knock Knock

Factual error: In the end credits, when the listing of songs used in the film is rolling, the Kiss song is listed as "Detroit City Rock." Actually, the song title is "Detroit Rock City." (01:38:10)


Continuity mistake: When Keanu is talking with his wife on the tablet, he closes his shirt with his left hand, but in the image of him on the tablet, his shirt is still open.

Louis: Bitch, you barkin' up the wrong fucking tree. I'm from Oakland, ho. I know two ghetto ass hoes when I see 'em.

Genesis: Knock, knock.
Bel: Who's there?
Genesis: Cheating Evan.
Bel: Cheating Evan who?
Genesis: Cheating Evan-tually gets you killed.

Bel: I'm glad we knocked on your door.

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