Honey Harvester (1949)

Directed by: Jack Hannah

Starring: Clarence Nash

Genres: Animated, Comedy, Family

Continuity mistake: When the bee sees Donald's eyes in front of him, you can see there is nothing behind him on the table he is walking on, but in the next shot a wooden box appears out of nowhere.

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Continuity mistake: Donald uses four jars to take out the honey from the car radiator. But when he picks up the honey later on, there are now five jars.

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Continuity mistake: When the bee puts his feet in the ink pad, he leaves a trail of footprints outside the greenhouse. But when he has his feet stuck on the fly paper and flies out of the greenhouse, the footprints are nowhere to be seen.

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Trivia: When Donald falls from the tree, you can hear a "Goofy Holler".

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