Forbidden World

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where the staff member is cleaning up the research room with the animal cadavers there's a top-down shot of him at the communication panel. Directly in front of him there's a microphone visible that seems to be held by a filming crew member, as it moves out of sight after some seconds. (00:15:35)


SAM-104: They switch you off when life is good then switch you on when they're up to their noses in life's bitter droppings.
Mike Colby: You said it, tin man.

Tracy Baxter: You know what? It looks like you could really use the steam bath.
Mike Colby: Well, I had a hard night.
Tracy Baxter: So fair's fair. Get naked.

Mike Colby: Let's go bag ourselves a Dingwhopper.

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