The Keep

Trivia: When Alberta Watson and Scott Glenn are together for the first time, in the inn's spare bedroom, there is a mirror on the wall that shows Alberta's reflection but not Scott's, and Scott is standing between her and the mirror.


Dr. Theodore Cuza: There is a stranger at the Inn, he asks questions... I believe he's connected to the people who pay for the Keep's maintenance.

Captain Klaus Woermann: Are you insane?
Captain Klaus Woermann: SS-Einsatzkommondo, Sturmbannfuhrer Kaempffer is what I am! Captain Klaus Woermann is what you are.

Captain Klaus Woermann: What's all the shooting in the village, huh?
Major Kaempffer: A civilian to be interrogated. He resisted, and was shot.
Captain Klaus Woermann: Another civilian! The courageous Einsatzkommondo again is victorious.

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