Bug: Towering Mountain: There is one part close to where you have to go back and for over and over to different switches where you must jump a gap between to ledges. Often the case in this platform game, but the ledge walls in the gap form a V shape and your Spectraball can get stuck in it suspended in the air. Now amount of attempting to move, jump, or use any power up will get you out, and you must restart from a checkpoint. In this glitch also if you do not already have the achievement for 20 seconds of air time in a jump, this glitch causes you to get it.

Quantom X

Bug: Space Construct: About two thirds of the way through the map, you come to an S shaped thin blue path that has gravity lifters turned sideways along the edges at some points. The lifters there to push you off the path if you don't hit the spot just right. Sometimes when jumping over the lifters and a high speed and landing on the path, the Spectraball will suddenly become lodged into the path, stuck through it. You can not get out and have to restart from last checkpoint.

Quantom X

Bug: Sky Ruins: right in the beginning you come to a turbine with a large spinning fan inside. On either side is a path, one a dead end the other leading to a switch. There is a door in the wall leading to a third path which is the direction you need to go. You must hit the switch to open the door to get past, unless you exploit this glitch. If when going through the turbine and your Spectraball gets wedged between the fan blade and that door, the collision causes the door to suddenly just begin drifting off and floating through the air slowly and will just keep going. This lets you pass without hitting the switch.

Quantom X

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