Joe: But, my dog is about 100 pounds, brown and white, looks like a cow.
Town Woman: Looks like a cow?
Joe: Right.
Town Woman: You have a dog that looks like a cow?
Joe: Well, it's not that big a deal. A lot of dogs look like cows.

Joe: Ah, the dog likes you.
Gary: She has a lot of scars.
Joe: Yeah, but all the others... all the others is dead.

Earl: Let me ask you a question, Joe, 'cause I really wanna know. Why you wanna go back? Why you wanna go back to the damn penitentiary, man? 'Cause you can't keep going to folks' houses, killin' their dogs, no matter what else is goin' on. And you can't keep fist-fightin' the law. Judge won't put up with it. He don't have to put up with it. That's why they built prisons.

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