Killing Floor

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Bug: Suburbia: In the last wave, the Patriach will often get stuck against cars and just jump in place, unable to move.

Bug: Offices: On the roof, sometimes a Crawler will get stuck behind the protective fence and be unable to do anything but pace back and forth chirping. A player must go up there and shoot it through the fence to finally end the wave.

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Bug: Offices: On the roof, the stair well to the right side of the building has a railing inside it. Often times a Crawler will get stuck colliding with the railing and can't go down the stairs. The crawler will sometimes even go to the end of the railing where it can get free, but then just double back and get stuck again walking into it.

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Halloween Fleshpounder: Get off my lawn!

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Trader: Come and get 'em! Lovely big guns.

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The Patriarch: I thought you were the best. But you're just like the rest.

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