Delivery Man

Plot hole: The premise of the movie is that a group of this man's genetic offspring have united to learn his identity. He receives a stack of the bios of those in the lawsuit. One of the children he visits is severely disabled in a nursing facility and would not have been capable of joining the lawsuit.

Plot hole: His daughter Kristen who overdosed knew he was her father in the hospital. When she later saw him at the hotel she didn't seem to know that.

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Suggested correction: It was implied that his daughter Kristen did not know that he was her father in the hospital, however she wanted him to "pretend" that he was and sign a release form for her.

David: You see what happens when the tofu hits the grill. Nothing. Exactly what happens when the tofu hits our taste buds.

Brett: Stop everything for the rest of your life. Every time you have an idea, I want you to come to me and as your friend, I will shoot your idea down.

David: Congratulations, "darling."
Brett: I had it. I had pitched the perfect game, and I had to screw the whole thing up. My mother saw the whole thing on TV.
David: She must have been surprised to find out that you had a male lover.
Brett: No. She said she always suspected it. She told me we would make a lovely couple.
David: And your kids?
Brett: They think it's cool.

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