Continuity mistake: In the original Xbox version, after retrieving Jagger Valance's package and giving it to him, he tells you how to escape from Butcher Bay. After he does, kill him. Later in the game, after making it to the Space Port, a ship will be there waiting. When entering the ship, Jagger Valance will be there attempting to open the door to the cockpit.

Trivia: After meeting with Jagger Valance, take a few steps to the right and look at the ground. There is a piece of paper there granting parole for an inmate named Bonner. Bonner is a character that is officially met in the sequel "Assault on Dark Athena."

Trivia: After the main credits Riddick gets deloused. Turn around and flush the toilet five times. When you leave your cell, find and enter Waman and Girish's cell. Flush their toilet five times. You will also have to activate Waman's Side-Mission (Kill Molina) (or you can activate Shabby's Side-Mission (Kill Molina) or both). Talk to Mattsson in the Courtyard then go to his cell. When you enter Mattsson's cell you are ambushed by two other prisoners. Kill them and then flush Mattsson's toilet five times before leaving the cell. After the first confrontation with Rust, Molina's cell door will open. Kill Molina, then flush his toilet five times. After doing that, walk into the courtyard and you will see a picture on the wall of the courtyard. The three men in the picture are three of the developers of the game.

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